Education on the Farm

We are continually amazed how the right mix of planning, logic, science and simple agriculture can result in delicious and nutritious food. A goal of ours is to share this fascination we have with other farmers, students, citizens and the like. 

baby turkey

Our chief aim is to help inspire others; whether it is to pursue their own agricultural work, live healthier through changing dietary habits or simply support the agricultural movement in their community. With no shortage of farming activities available, as well as the rich history of the farm ready to be explained, there is always something new to see or learn in your experience here.

Please contact us to learn more or to book your school group for any of the following:

  • A custom tailored farm visit planned around class curriculum or your group’s specific goals.
  • Picnic & Learn on the Farm—for groups who wish to schedule a shorter visit with a tour and outdoor space to have a picnic.


 For Pricing and to discuss details of your visit please contact:

Mendy Jeffreys