Plein Air Paintings

Although our primary interest is in the art of agriculture, we also truly appreciate and respect the art of painting. In fact, we are proud to provide an amazing location where the realms of painting and agriculture may combine.

Often times it is difficult for an artist to find potential landscape locations for their work. It is not uncommon for land to be private/off limits or inaccessible to artists in other ways. We recognize this difficulty and host an annual Plein Air Paint Out on our property for artists – local, statewide and national – to give them access to beautiful scenery while remaining safe and comfortable. Plein air is a style of 19th-century painting that you can learn more about here.

You may view several of the plein air paintings that have been completed below

Plein air: Silos and Handling Barn
Plein air; Barnyard
Plein air; Alamance County Farm

The Swathmoor Farm is a perfect location for artists to engage in and paint landscapes safely and beautifully. For a small fee we provide:

  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Chilled water
  • Optional cooling packs (during the warmer months)
  • On-site restrooms

We are always open to helping plan your event, and our landscapes are available year-round. Please contact us for pricing details.