Grass-Fed Beef

With a focus on raising premium, grass-fed beef, Swathmoor Farm has been a Cates family operation since 1905, proudly representing four generations of North Carolina farmers.

Our premium Angus and Hereford cattle are raised in a low-stress, natural environment where they are treated humanely and closely monitored as they graze high-protein summer and winter grasses.


Our richly-flavored beef offers better taste and nutrition from an eco-friendly environment. The consumer can have confidence that they are buying a superior product. 


All our grass-fed beef is free of growth hormones and chemicals and is produced in a USDA facility under strict guidelines. Each vacuum-sealed package proudly displays the USDA label, affirming production to exacting standards.

Owner and head rancher, Mendy Jeffreys carefully manages the cattle grazing with these things in mind: optimal pasture growth, safeguarding the health of the land and animals, and affirming the nutritional value of the products.